Why work with V2?

V2 Retail, one of the fastest-growing retail chain in India and continues to set higher benchmarks for growth and leadership. With a firm belief in sustaining growth, stimulating success and empowering people, V2 Retail strives to celebrate and succeed together with employees and shareholders alike – delivering customer delight in the vast business eco-system.

V2 Retail offers a vast horizon of inspiration, creativity, and passion in its work environment. Enthusiasm and diversity are the cornerstones of its culture coupled with a celebration of passion, dedication and an unwavering determination to excel.

As a company that believes in the power of fresh thought, V2 Retail’ work culture allows a free-flow of ideas into the business, while molding new talent to fit seamlessly into the workplace. Whether it’s for seasoned professionals or fresher’s out of college, V2 Retail has a range of employment and growth opportunities for everyone to enhance their career paths and achieve their goals. The vibrant work environment and strong code of ethics, contribute to making every day at V2 Retail an adventure and opportunity for personal and professional growth.